Monday, March 06, 2006

Terrorist strikes UNC

Over the weekend I heard about the injuries of 9 University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill students. A driver of an SUV intentionally plowed into these students in an attempt to kill them. It wasn’t until I sat at my desk today that I learned the driver was Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, a 23 year-old UNC graduate, who has reportedly informed authorities that he committed this savage act "to avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world." It looks like the mainstream press is once again underplaying Muslim violence. While it appears this was a single, isolated act, it underscores the violent stream of this religion and how susceptible our citizens are, even in our own country.

The 27 year-old the former deputy foreign secretary of the murderous Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Rahmatullah Hashemi continues his education at Ivy League Yale University, getting further entrenched in American culture and liberal elitism. The ROTC is banned from Yale, but a Taliban spokesman is welcomed. Yes, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore…neither are we in the Founder’s America.

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