Friday, March 10, 2006

Senator Crowell attacks Roe

I wasn’t too sure of Senator Jason Crowell when I testified last year before Missouri’s Senate Judiciary Committee on the issue of human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. He had been identified by the Missouri Baptist Christian Life Commission’s lobbyist as a “swing vote” on a key piece of legislation. We were trying hard to get a “do pass” vote from the committee to move the legislation on to the full Senate. I knew he was a lawyer which earned my immediate distrust. His “apprenticeships” under Judge Ronnie White and Attorney General Jay Nixon gave me further cause to wonder whether this 34 year old Republican was truly conservative. He asked me a question which I interpreted as a bit disingenuous which caused me to be further guarded. I’m pretty sure of him now.

There are no perfect men, and even less so in the political field. Good men and women who walk legislative halls and occupy government offices become twisted and jaded and perhaps even corrupted to some degree. But this Senator from Cape Girardeau (Missouri’s 27th Senate District) is demonstrating remarkable courage and personal conviction by proposing unpopular legislation that could annihilate the most loathsome Supreme Court decision in our nation’s history and help bring America’s evil practice of abortion to a remarkable and much-prayed-for end.

South Dakota has fired the opening salvo. Missouri must aid in the demise of the one court decision that surpasses Dred Scott in its evil. Roe v. Wade has always been frail. It has lacked any modicum of morality, has never enjoyed much support from the people of America, and has only hung by a line string of contrived constitutionality. It is time for a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade.

Certainly, the shrill voices of feminism continue to cry for personal freedom; even when that freedom is at the cost of the innocent and valuable human life of precious babies. Tepid politicians also question whether this legislation should be given any consideration.

But the group I am most surprised by is my group—pro-life leaders and conservative Christians. Many of them wonder aloud whether the timing is right and whether Roe v. Wade will become further entrenched in American law. I can’t help wondering whether the church has become as political as those leaders walking legislative halls. We’ve become inflicted with a philosophy of what we can do, rather than what we should do. This strategy of accommodation has led the church to be comfortable with sin. Christians are now a part of a climate of acceptance of an evil, a horror that warrants our spite, not our tolerance.

We should overturn Roe v. Wade. It is immoral and it should be challenged at every possible juncture. That’s why I support Senator Crowell’s proposal and urge you to do the same.

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