Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Akin Needs Our Help

Todd Akin has been abandoned by the Republican party leadership in his quest to become the next Senator of Missouri, replacing the ultra-liberal, Obama supporting Claire McCaskill.

So, the burden falls to folks like us. Commoners. Normal, average, run-of-mill conservative minded Missourians. Most of us just show up to vote. Some will enter into political arguments with their friends, neighbors, co-workers and extended family members. A few might put on a bumper sticker or put up a yard sign. Most of us, though, never contribute financially.

Personally, I've been involved in Missouri politics for almost 25 years...calling campaigns, neighborhood walks, parades, etc. But contributing $$ is something I rarely do. I suppose I usually have more time than money.

Frankly, that MUST change if Todd Akin is to have a chance at winning. You must give some money. Claire McCaskill is well funded. The Republican establishment refuses to spend any money in this race.

Would you consider giving $10? Just $10. That shouldn't cut into your budget too much (if you can afford more, then by all means contribute more). And then, here's the key, encourage others on your Facebook, email, blog, etc to give as well.

You can donate here.

I gave $20, but if ten other people respond to my posting and give $10, then my efforts have generated another $100 for the Akin campaign. And if 5 friends of each of those 10 people give $10, then I've grandfathered another $500. I couldn't afford to give the Akin campaign $620 but if every lover of liberty in Missouri will do a bit AND encourage others to do just a little, we'll help a very good man win an election.

Will you contribute? Do it now! Do it here.