Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

He wasn't red-haired nor Catholic, and surprisingly, not even Irish. But Maewyn Succat did become known as Patrick. And when the Catholic Church bestowed "sainthood" upon him many years later, he officially became St. Patrick of Ireland.

He didn't guzzle beer or chase snakes out of Ireland or even teach the Trinity using a shamrock (though he did believe the doctrine).

What Patrick did do, was to preach the gospel of Jesus. Druid idolatry was worthless as is any other form of religion known to man. What the Irish of the 5th century needed is what America of the 21st century needs: Jesus. A savior who forgives repentant sinners.

Some 2 million people celebrated the day in New York City today. Sadly, their focus was not on what Patrick valued most...his Savior, Jesus Christ.