Wednesday, January 30, 2013

America and 40 years of Abortion

Our nation has observed yet another anniversary (the 40th) of the notorious Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton United States Supreme Court decisions.  Abortion is barely on the nation's radar, proving the old adage of Christians--more thermometer (measuring the climate) than thermostat (determining the climate). 

Tragically, we (the church) are not setting the agenda.  There are far too few prophetic voices reminding this nation of its sins and its most notable sin--the legal killing of developing babies within the womb of their mothers.

This horror must end.  It will end when King Jesus returns.  It may end by prayer, fasting, and determined advocacy of His bride.

As long as it doesn't end, America will forfeit God's blessings of peace, protection and prosperity.