Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baylor Squashes Conservative Professor

Baylor, the world’s largest Baptist university, has denied tenure to one of its ablest professors, Francis Beckwith, seemingly because he’s too conservative for the liberal school. Rod Dreher, writing for the Dallas Morning News, states:

Dr. Beckwith, a distinguished philosopher, has what academic insiders tell me is a stellar publication record. He is nationally renown. He is also -- and I suspect this is what did him in at Baylor -- openly conservative. The fact that a Baptist university cannot bring itself to award tenure to a scholar of Dr. Beckwith's stature is scandalous -- and will cause shock waves beyond Waco.

Joseph Bottom, over at First Things writes a bit more eloquently and exhaustively on what is really going on at Baylor. You can read that here.

Beckwith’s pro-life views, coupled with his respect for Intelligent Design, have no doubt been too much for Baylor’s PC advocates. Despite what you hear from liberals about “openness” and “academic freedom” they are zealous about squashing dissent from liberalism. Dr. Beckwith is the latest casualty from their crusade against truth.

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