Friday, February 01, 2008

Thoughts on the New Baptist Covenant Celebration

Sometime this afternoon, President Bill Clinton will deliver the concluding address for former President Carter’s recently convened “New Baptist Covenant Celebration.”

There are several elements that have intrigued me about this event, but I’ll comment on just one (for now): former Vice-President Al Gore’s delivery of his environmental propaganda.

“Green” Gore passionately delivered his mantra:
“The evidence is there. The signal is on the mountain. The trumpet has blown. The scientists are screaming from the rooftops. The ice is melting. The land is parched. The seas are rising. The storms are getting stronger. Why do we not judge what is right?”

But rather than picking apart his flawed analysis of environmental issues, I just want to make one point.

Here’s his classic statement of the day [speaking of Republican-leaning, conservative Southern Baptist leaders] :
"When did people of faith get so locked in to an ideological coalition that they got to go along with the wealthiest and most powerful who don't want to see change of the kind that's aimed at helping the people and protecting God's green earth?”

That was said at a $35 a plate luncheon [salad and chicken], that excluded at least half of the registered participants. I’m left wondering, has “Green” Gore starting waiving his speaking fee?

Sources from this entry were Baptist Press and The News&Observer


Scott Weldon said...

Rod, Rod, Rod,
Since when do the words coming out of Gore's mouth actually have to match up to reality. You should know by now that this guy is the very epitome of Rush's "symbolism over substance." The real trouble is that I think he actually believes the tripe he speaks and sees no conflict at all with reality. I've come to pity him and those like him more than anything else.

I'm just glad that the "real" Baptists have gotten together and shown the world what we're really all about, right?

Tina said...

This is a great article! This video by the Archbishop of Canterbury is worth knowing about as well:

johnMark said...


Good comment on Gore. It's the old do what I say and not what I do position. He wants to tell the peasants what to do not be one of them.

In general, given the amount of resources Gore it would actually be easier for him to live much more "green" as I don't think he "needs" all the stuff he has including a large house, etc.