Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blog Poll Goes to Huckabee

Well, the Press On poll has officially closed—coinciding with the voting polls of Super Tuesday. While most readers chose not to cast a vote, some did.

The election results are in the right column. You’ll see that 16 readers voted. They chose former Governor Mike Huckabee with 68% (or 11 votes) of the vote. John McCain received 3 votes (18%); Mitt Romney and Ron Paul each received 1 vote (6% each); and Rudy Guiliani received 0.

Surprisingly, John McCain picked up some steam on my poll today, scoring two additional votes in the last hours of polling. Mitt Romney, previously on the big goose egg, also got a vote.

Though all my readers aren’t from West Virginia, they did side with the Mountain State’s delegates.

All the predictions are slanting towards John McCain. I believe we are watching the dismantling of Reagan’s Coalition.


Scott Weldon said...

"I believe we are watching the dismantling of Reagan’s Coalition."

I agree. And I think we are seeing that our nation is more fractured than at any time in history. There is no "average American" anymore. There is no sense of unity of purpose as a nation. And though I am still optimistic about Huckabee's role in things, the future does not look all that grand.

Jim Shaver said...

Comparing the state of the Republican Party and the state of the Missouri Baptist Convention, I'd say we are surely entering the last days.

There is no unity.
There is no peace.