Monday, February 25, 2008

A Brokered Republican Convention

Conservatives United posted this article a couple of weeks ago. I’m reprinting the article below since it all made sense to me.

1) Republican Brokered Conventions result in wins!
  • Abraham Lincoln – 3rd Ballot - Won Presidency
  • Rutherford Hayes – 7th Ballot - Won Presidency
  • James Garfield - 36th Ballot - Won Presidency
  • Warren Harding – 10th Ballot – Won Presidency
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower – “2nd Ballot” – Won Presidency
2) McCain has to win 467 more delegates (44% of remaining delegates) to secure the nomination. Huckabee needs 639 delegates (57% of remaining delegates) to force a Brokered Convention.

3) A Brokered Convention gives conservatives a voice. A Brokered Convention gives Mike Huckabee a voice. A Brokered Convention gives Mitt Romney a voice. A Brokered Convention keeps media attention on the Republican party for the next 6 months for free! If we just roll over and go to sleep the media will almost solely focus on the Democratic contest.

4) In 1968 Reagan stayed in the race and came in 3rd at the convention with 182 delegates. In 1976 Reagan stayed in the race all the way to the convention and prevented Ford from getting to 1130 delegates. Ford cut a deal that secured enough delegates before the 1st Ballot but Reagan did not bow out until Ford had crossed the finish line.

Reagan’s Revolution says: “Reagan came into the 1976 North Carolina primary having lost the first five consecutive primaries to Ford. The national party establishment was against Reagan, the media started to write him off, and his campaign was broke and in debt. Needless to say, the pressure to drop out of the race was nearly overwhelming.”

Even though Reagan won in NC it was soon statistically impossible for Reagan to win. He still stayed in. He said conservatives have a problem with Ford and until he gets 1130 I will press on.

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