Friday, May 12, 2006

SBC Presidency fiasco

Some of you may not be aware of what is becoming quite a fiasco regarding the upcoming presidential nomination at the Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro.

At this year’s annual Bible conference at FBC Jacksonville, FL, Jerry Vines called fellow conservative leaders Paige Patterson and Paul Pressler onto the stage and gave them affirming words for their role in the SBC conservative resurgence. Vines himself, had resigned as pastor and the conference was his last speaking engagement with the church. Vines then called Bailey Smith to the stage and then announced in some form or another, that Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA, would be nominated as SBC President. Johnny Hunt has since declined the nomination.

Now we’d have to assume he changed his mind. He preached at the conference shortly after, if not immediately after, the announcement. It’s hard to imagine Dr. Vines just jumped up in front of the gathering to announce a candidate he had not talked with or consulted. I cannot fathom the other leaders had no previous knowledge of why they were being called to the platform. And it’s difficult to imagine them proceeding with this public announcement without Hunt’s blessing.

Hunt, this past Sunday, publicly declined the nomination and at the same time announced he would nominate Ronnie Floyd, pastor of FBC Springdale, AR and the Church at Pinnacle Hills. His announcement can be read here.

Floyd has immediately been criticized because of poor Cooperative Program giving by FBC Springdale. The steady decline of CP giving has been tabulated here. Even the Florida Baptist Witness ran an opinion story critical of Floyd’s nomination. It can be read here.

Founders Journal website re-ran a piece they originally did in 2000 criticizing Springdale’s fire truck baptistry and confetti cannons. It's called Of Fire Engine Baptistries and Blasphemy.

Personally, I do believe the CP numbers, no matter how you spin them, are too low for Floyd to be given the honor of SBC President. I am hopeful of a better alternative. That person may be publicly announced as soon as Monday.

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