Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The DaVinci Code

The DaVinci Code is a slam on Christianity. It’s bad enough that the writer uses Christianity as the back drop to his fictional plot. It’s worse that he claims his revisionist writing is factual. Dan Brown needs to decide which literary genre to pursue—fiction or history. There are so many books on the market slamming the claims of The DaVinci Code that I shouldn’t be using space writing about it. But I’ll be addressing the issue in my preaching and teaching ministries in May because of the issue of relevancy. Christians don’t need a primer in Brown’s novel. They need a primer in historical Christianity. The truth is clear. The church has always believed Christ to be divine. Brown’s assertion that the Council of Nicea created that doctrine is absurd to anyone with half an objective brain. And that’s why we must engage our culture on this movie. The glory of Christ is too precious to pass a blind eye and deaf ear to our culture’s irreverence towards the One who alone can save them from eternal hell. We need to warn them. Blasphemers will encounter the Living, Eternal Son of God.

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