Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KFC Launches $390 Dollar Giveaway

Oh wow! I just received an email from Kentucky Fried Chicken. They are giving away one free $5 lunch meal every day in May...and, hold on there partner, they're even giving away one free $10 chicken bucket each Sunday. There's a small catch. You have to subscribe and follow their Facebook and/or Twitter page.

Now I'm not opposed to free food. But doing a bit of quick math, KFC is investing $195 in this national blitz for each website. That's a bit odd. I know everyone is cutting back a bit, but I find it Scroogishly laughable that a multi-million (probably billion) dollar company has pulled together a total budget of $390 to entice America to join their Facebook and Twitter pages. Maybe they only have a couple of dozen folks as their Facebook friends, so your odds of winning may be greater than I expect. And if you join Twitter, you've doubled your chances.

Of course, KFC's miniscule May reward program prompted my reflection on a lack of generosity in general. I vaguely remember they tied into Oprah a couple of years ago when they we're promoting their new grilled chicken. All you had to do then was download a free certificate from Oprah's website. Maybe they are still recovering from that fiasco. I downloaded one and the local KFC said they weren't honoring them anymore.

Christians, in general, do not reflect the great generosity of their Lord Jesus. He gave lavishly and extravagantly. But we share so little of our resources. Little money, little time, little thoughts of others and their struggles through life.

KFC's $390 May reward program seems out of place for a company of their stature. What's out of place in your life?

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