Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4 -- Late Night

"If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

America is a land in need of healing. It is a nation overwhelmed with "wicked ways" and one which stubbornly refuses to humble itself. Still it is my of my birth.

Today was delightful. Traditions. Family. Liberty. God's blessings. The presence of Jesus. I am thankful for much. Mostly, I am thankful that God has both the grace and the power to restore His glory in the United States of America.

I pray He do so...and soon.


Scott Weldon said...

Should have known that the Fourth of July would bring you out of the blogger hole you've been hiding in.

Thanks for the patriotic posts. God's been good to us as a nation, in spite of us throwing back in His face. But that's grace, isn't it?

With you, I pray we wake up before it's too late.

Scott said...

Where are you, Rodney. We miss you. Come back soon!

Ruth said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.