Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update on Anti-war Vandalism

Wayne Allard, Republican senator from Colorado, is at least one politician who plans to address the blatant disregard of law enforcement that occurred this past weekend by some anti-war protestors. “I was absolutely dismayed by the vandalism and the blatant disregard for respect of property that occurred at our Nation’s Capitol this weekend,” Allard said in a press release.

With so many Democratic politicians involved in the protest, it seems Speaker Pelosi, who oversees the U.S. Capital Police (USCP), may have interfered with law enforcement. The Hill, a DC newspaper reported police officers were livid when they were told to fall back by U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Chief Phillip Morse andDeputy Chief Daniel Nichols. "They were the commanders on the scene," one source said, who requested anonymity. "It was disgusting."

This episode seems to have credible evidence of an egregious abuse of power. Perhaps Senator Allard can expose the truth, though I doubt much will come of it.

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