Thursday, January 11, 2007

Detroit's Auto Show

We still live in a sex-saturated culture. Newsweek magazine, publicizing Detroit’s car show blurped:

For Americans, car shows have always been about desire, as automakers tempt us with brawny novel engines, sleek new shapes and lush (often leather) interiors. And what better way to generate excitement than with a bevy of attractive young women showing off your wares? Yes, it may be sexist, but the car companies still do it. The 2007 North American International Auto Show, which kicked off Sunday in Detroit and is on view to the public Jan. 13-21, hasn't disappointed those of us who lust after the new car models of today and the fantastic concept cars of tomorrow.

Hey, when it comes to new cars, my lust (coveting) is already in high gear. I don't need flesh to add to my carnality.

Kudos to NEWSWEEK's Detroit bureau chief, Keith Naughton, whose photo shots showed us the cars, not the women.

If you’re going to surprise me on my birthday, skip DaimlerChrysler's Smart 'fortwo' model as well as Ford’s Airstream. My personal favorite is the Efijy concept car from GM's Australian brand, Holden. The Chinese actually call this a pickup?

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