Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Boy Scouts Cater to America's Homosexual Culture

Later today, the governing board of the Boy Scouts of America will vote whether to include homosexuals in their scouting program.  The past decade BSA has been stalwart in their repudiation of the Gay Agenda.  They have faced criticism, defunding and many court battles.

Now, they are poised to surrender.  The path they are taking sounds very American.  They are thinking about rescinding their "national" policy and leaving the decisions whether to include homosexuals to the "local" level.  But the reality is that local chapters will be unable to fund lawsuits that will inevitably flood the courts, alleging discrimination.  Gays want access to young men and any local chapter denying them will be hit with well-funded pro-homosexuals.  A decsion by the board to change its national policy will have the effect of changing the entire program.

Please pray that the leaders will not change their position and that they will retain a national policy reflecting their traditional, God-based values that have been at the heart of the scouting program for over 100 years.

And pray for America.  Pray for our repentance over this national sin.

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