Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Americans Grow Less Religious

Pew Research Institute just release a bittersweet report today on the rise of America's irreligious. One in five Americans now claim no religious identity. That's up 5% from just five years ago.

The bitter is that this number is swelling quickly. Basically, this group is averaging a 1% growth per year. This would be alarming enough, but usually such increases rise exponentially. At best, if this trend continues, 30 years from today our country will have an irreligious majority.

The sweet is that the atheists, agnostics and folks who don't share a religious affiliation can now own a greater share of the spiritual and moral chaos our country is experiencing. To put it another way, religious persons are less responsible for America's spiritual rebellion against God.

Obviously, simply naming a religious affiliation is a far cry from living a holy life. Still, the research is alarming.

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