Monday, May 21, 2012

Website Madness

I’ve had the same email address for well over a decade. As you can imagine, I’ve accumulated a lot of junk subscriptions and have thus far resisted the urge to leave this address behind. It’s more than just an emotional attachment like a high school letterman’s jacket stashed in a cedar chest. It has a utilitarian purpose of keeping me connected with people and organizations of my past. I normally “delete all” after skimming my inbox and rarely take the time to read the ones that have snuck their way into my inbox folder. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to “unsubscribe” to these organizations. Today, though, was different. I opened an email from I have no idea how I subscribed or how long they’ve dropped into my account, but something today caught my eye and I was off into cyberspace. It the quagmire of “Christian” offerings (which is, no doubt, how I got pulled in to begin with), was a box for my daily horoscope—something completely antithetical to Christian faith. As I was going to delete, a pop up box offered to assess my angel temperament—after answering questions they would tell me what angel I was like. I’m only aware of three angels and feared I’d be matched with the one who starts with “L”. I didn’t need my ego slammed and I didn’t need this foolishness. I’m officially “unsubscribed” now (or at least I think I am). But I couldn’t help wondering about people who aren’t as family with historic, orthodox Christianity as I am. How many of them pop over to this “Christian” site to get their daily horoscope and periodic “angel assessment”? It was a reminder of how mess up our country is and a reminder of the many false religions and teachers the Bible warns us about. How grateful I am for a strong web presence of genuine Christianity. I pray millions will find their way to these sites and learn about the true Christ and His true salvation.

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Scott said...

And this just scratches the surface. It's bad enough on the internet, but it's also in our bookstores. Walk into a "Christian" bookstore and you'll be met at the front door with all the latest bestsellers, most of which are garbage and heresy. Strange days, indeed.

By the way, Rod, this is why we need the presence of folks like you on the net. So let's get to it, brother!