Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of Prayer for North Korea

North Korea is the darkest and deadliest place for a Christian to live in the world. In this nation of 26.5 million people, communists rule with such ruthless constraint as to make the old Soviet KGB seem benign. While most its citizens are suffering due to the inane policies of the government which have provoked subsequent United Nations boycotts, Christians are particularly brutalized. Open Doors, a Christian organization that monitors world-wide Christian persecution and ministers to those suffering, has launched North Korea prayer week for this week of April 23-27, 2012. I encourage you to pray for this nation, and specifically for our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer and die there. The church is growing, but it is hard pressed. Would you pray this week? You can sign up here to get more information, or just add this need to your prayer list.

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