Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Center Your Life on the Word of God

"No one can be a good Christian who does not with holy zeal set out to know, delight in, and live by the Word of God!" --John R. Rice

John R. Rice was not a perfect man. But rather than accentuate his imperfections or even extol his myriad of contributions, I'd simply like to highlight that he was a man who was preoccupied with honoring God through His Word.

While creation testifies of God's greatness (Psalm 19:1), we know God through His self-revelation...through the Bible. This is the central point of the Christian's life. We are not to live by some code of generic kindness. While that may be the popular mantra of many Christians today, and kindness and charity towards others is, without question, advanced by the Bible itself (Matthew 22:39; Ephesians 4:32), kind deeds are not the measure of our Christian faith. We measure ourselves by the Word of God.

"Thou hast commanded [us] to keep thy precepts diligently." --Psalm 119:4

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Scott said...

I rather like Spurgeon's description of Bunyan: "Why, this man is a living Bible! Prick him anywhere, his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him. He cannot speak without quoting a text, for his very soul is FULL of the Word of God."