Thursday, September 29, 2011

McDonalds Joins America's Downed Economy

Things must be bad. McDonalds just ended their $1 all sizes fountain drink. To their credit, it seemed like a very long promotion spanning several months and helped my own skimpy "blow money" budget. But with the ecomony limping along, I knew it was a matter of time before the Golden Arches hiked the price.

I frequent McDonald's to access the internet and my recent purchase of a cola ended up with the miniscule "small" 16 ounce cup. The kind and knowledgeable associate informed the person ahead of me that the Monopoly promotion bumped the large drink for $1. It was now $1.69. This advanced let-down helped me to at least be able to speak again when it was my turn. The clerk repeated verbatim her mantage when I stepped up to order a drink.

I guess the McD empire is reasoning that we cheapsakes can't have both an additional 20 ounces of soda AND a free monopoly piece. If we want those, we'll have to shell out another $0.69. But since I'm a "dine-in" customer, this only means that I have to make more trips to the fountain drink counter. And at 150 calories a chug (I don't drink Diet) I need to be more active anyway.

Now, of course, I'm going to grab Monopoly's "official rules" the next time I'm in. I'm sure there's a "no purchase necessary" clause in there somewhere--allowing me to get my soda (albeit a reduced size) and monopoly piece...all for $1.

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Scott said...

Our family lives off the dollar menu. I've noticed several places, though, where the dollar menu has been replaced by a "value menu" with items now going for 1.29 to 1.99. I guess our opinions about "value" differ. Of course, the real problem for me is that I don't go to McDs for wifi or drinks. I usually end up at a coffee shop with my $4 coffee! I think Starbucks should put in a dollar menu, don't you think?