Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year

God is glorious. While Christmas 2010 has passed without my adding any insights to cyberspace, I would want to offer this simple adage...God is glorious. If Christmas is about anything, it is that God makes all things right…in His time. Yes, Jesus was birthed into this world… “the Word became flesh” in the words of John. That’s why we’ve celebrated and continue to celebrate December 25th. Jesus, the Savior is born! But it would be some decades between His arrival and the moment His innocent blood would be shed, effectively reconciling sinful man to our holy God. His birth was only the beginning, the starting point of a life that would be offered. The message of “peace on earth” gloriously heralded by a “multitude of the heavenly host” could only be achieved at Golgotha, some thirty years later. But it was achieved…all in God’s timing. And there is much more that will be achieved…all in God’s timing.

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Scott said...

"Christmas 2010 has passed without my adding any insights to cyberspace"

And let me say, with all sincerity, that cyberspace is much the poorer because of your absence. I miss hearing from you, brother, even if it is only on the page of a blog. I learn from you every time I read something, so get with it!