Friday, August 27, 2010

Former GOP Chairman Announces Homosexuality

There’s a lot to be said of former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman’s announcement this week that he is homosexual.

There’s the personal pain of his struggle and his tragic acquiescence to a lifestyle that is physically, psychologically and spiritually damaging. I’m not sure whether he resisted these inclinations for these past years are whether he pursued them privately. Regardless, he has now openly declared himself homosexual and is pledging to help fight for homosexual marriage in California.

But foremost in my mind is that this is yet another snapshot of why the Republican party should not be embraced as America’s savior for conservative Christians. There were whispers several years ago about Mr. Mehlman’s sexuality. One might more clearly understand now why the Republican party has been so ineffective at carrying out a moral agenda.

Two conservative Christians, Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski, have written an op-ed piece for Fox News entitled “Disaster Looms If GOP Changes Course On Gay Marriage.” Ah, yes, the proverbial “what will happen to the Republican party if they don’t satisfy the Christian Right?” But when will the Christian Right demand results instead of platform statements?

The Republican Party, while often having a commendable party platform, has been very unhelpful in addressing the issues godly citizens should be focused on.


Ruta said...

In Gods wards, all human are created equal, a just God will say that, political parties need to consentrate in a persons avility to deliver sound policies, good administrations, honest work .
The sex preference of a politician will not change the future, only his or hers work skils will do that.
Well to often human see themself as jugges of other, making it easy for groups to create power bases and manipulates those under their lidership.
sex! I repit, do not afect workmanship, usin that card is like using the race card, and only loosers and innobles will go that low i life. Ranulfo Ramirez.

Rod said...


I think you miss the point of my post. Fundamentally, a skilled and intelligent politician who stands independent of God will be ineffective. They may have every quality we could admire and desire in a leader, but if they do not acknowledge God they are a fool and their policies will eventually come to nothing. Far too often, Christians are looking to an earthly leader for help, rather than God. This is a fine line, since God often effects His will through a human instrument. However, we must be careful to not put our trust in a person (or a political party). My feeling is that my friends and people who share my beliefs and convictions have trespassed—they have crossed that line of desiring a godly leader and praying for one and working for the election of one—to trusting in a party to deliver that person.

Sexuality does matter. The Bible, God’s perfect Word, far superior to your opinion or mine, says so. Nowhere does God demand you or I be a particular race. He does not hold up Anglo, Asian, Hispanic, African or any other ethnicity and say “Be this.” But He does so with heterosexuality within marriage. Those who defy God's law regarding sexuality, divorce themselves from Him, His power and His blessing.