Thursday, February 04, 2010

National Prayer Breakfast -- More About Politics Than Prayer

I just read a few blurps of Secretary of State Clinton's remarks as well as President Barak Hussein Obama's remarks from the National Prayer breakfast.

Not surprisingly, their comments were political, not spiritual, though they took some shots at "organized religion" encompassing true, gospel Christiianity I suppose. All comments were devoid of the issue--that America has departed from its worship of the one true God. Jesus wasn't even mentioned.

Still, God in His mercy averts His judgment on a stiff-necked and arrogantly rebellious nation. May He give us repentant and humble hearts!

I was surprised to learn the history of the National Prayer Breakfast. Interestingly, a watch group called Citizens for Responsbility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) had asked the President and others not to attend. The letter is here.


Ruta Veintyseis said...

The liberals as some peaple call them, or progresive as they call themsel do not care about what the peaple espect from them.
Their gold is to gane an mantane power, once they get it, they forget iven God, who they mencion so mucho before they are electedf. Ranulfo Ramires. [ google]

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