Thursday, January 24, 2008

ABC's anti-Christian Hypocrisy

The American Family Association reports the following:

ABC fired an actor because of an anti-gay comment, but gave anchorwoman who told an audience 'F---Jesus' what amounted to a one-week vacation.

Last June, when actor Isaiah Washington, star of ABC's show Grey's Anatomy, made an anti-gay slur in reference to openly homosexual T.R. Knight, the network immediately fired Washington.

But when ESPN (owned by ABC) anchorwoman Dana Jacobson publicly said "F--- Notre Dame," "F--- Touchdown Jesus" and finally "F--- Jesus," the network gave her a one week suspension. In essence, ABC gave Jacobson a one week vacation.

ABC has two standards, one for anti-gay comments and one for anti-Christian comments. Those who use anti-gay comments are punished. Those who use anti-Christian comments are supported. If ABC refuses to fire Jacobson, would you be willing to support a one-year boycott of the sponsor of her program?

Take the AFA poll and read background information.


ItIsTime said...

I would love to! The only problem is that since ABC, CBS and NBC are the media, it will never get any attention.

Rod said...

Be not dismayed. You might be surprised. Could it be that mainstream media is unresponsive to Christian concerns because we are unresponsive to their offenses?