Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Confusingly Crazy: The Religious Right and the ’08 Election

By now, we’ve seen/heard it all.

Pat Robertson has backed Rudy Giuliani.

And to believe I backed Robertson in the ’88 Republican primary. Oh well, I worked for John Danforth’s Senatorial election too. My sins will some day catch up with me. I’ll only say—read this—and you’ll better understand his recent endorsement

Fred Thompson got NRL’s endorsement

And it came after the most convoluted diatribe defending abortion I’ve ever heard from a so-called “pro-lifer.” Dr. Wanda Franz, president of National Right to Life (NRL) said: "Since announcing his candidacy in September, Fred Thompson has run second only to pro-abortion candidate Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination in the overwhelming majority of national polls. As pro-lifers throughout the nation begin to unite behind his candidacy, he will be well positioned to win the nomination and the presidency."

Interestingly, NRL was livid when the McCain-Feingold bill passed Congress in 2002, severely limiting what pro-life groups could do in a presidential election. Anyone remember who the enthusiastic supporting Senator from Tennessee was?

See my previous blog entry on why I think NRL just sold its soul.

Mitt Romney gets the nod from a couple of heavy weights.

"You know I've looked at his work with the Olympics…I think he could make a good president." says conservation leader of Free Congress Foundation, Paul Weyrich. Yeah, Weyrich, I’m convinced. Getting that torch lit and burning for a couple of weeks certainly qualifies one for leader of the free world.

And conservative, fundamentalist Bob Jones also backed the Mormon from Massachusetts. I guess believing in the angel Moroni’s revelation to Joseph Smith isn’t that big of a disqualifer for evangelicals. Isn’t Jones buying into a moralist position?

And to shore up his ‘evangelical’ credentials, Romney intimated that he has the endorsement of Richard Land, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. This prompted a terse press release from Land out of his Nashville office:

“I have defended various candidates from time to time when I’ve felt that they have been unfairly or inaccurately criticized. At other times, I have been asked by the media for my assessment of a particular candidate’s chances or weaknesses and strengths. Neither defense nor assessment should be confused with endorsement. As a matter of policy, I have not endorsed, do not endorse and will not endorse candidates.”

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee snagged backing from Don Wildmon, president of American Family Association

"I feel that Governor Huckabee understands the needs of our country and has the ability to lead us in meeting those needs," Wildmon said. Also jumping on the Huckabee bandwagon: Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas Texas and well as Missouri activist and reformer, Pastor Scott Weldon.


Scott Weldon said...

I'm seriousl worried about you, Rodney. I think the MBC stress has finally tipped you over the edge. First there was the comment on my blog about a "new movement within the MBC was quietly and obscurely launched by one of the convention's most devoted servants of the Lord."

Now you're referring to me as:
Missouri activist and reformer, Pastor Scott Weldon.

I love you, brother, but I'm really worried about your mental health right now!

As for the merits of this post in general: you're right on target. Evangelicals all over the map are selling out faster than you can say "President Hillary." I wish we could find folks who would stand on principles instead of popularity. Huckabee would be a great President (yes I'll say it, maybe even better than Reagan!)

It's a sad era for the church and for the USA.

Rod said...

Worried about my mental health "RIGHT NOW"? Face it, Scott, you've wondered about my mental sanity for over 20 years.

Come to think of it, so have I.

Frankly, "a guy in Marshfield" just didn't have a ring of eloquence about it.

Scott Weldon said...

Actually, I've never wondered about your sanity. Your're choice in music, now that's another concern.

And I do appreciate your comments. I've been showing them to the kids and saying, "Look, your Dad really IS somebody!" (Don't worry, they don't belive it, either)

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