Thursday, October 11, 2007

Missouri Baptist Laymen's Association Endorses Candidates for the MBC

  • Mike Green, DOM of the Twin Rivers Association, for a second term as President.
  • Jay Scribner, long-time pastor of FBC, Branson, now retired, for 1st Vice President.
  • Roger Moran, layman and member of FBC, Troy, for 2nd Vice President.
  • Jerry Williams, DOM of the Barry Baptist Association, for Recording Secretary.

    Some have said endorsements are not necessary; others have contended that the Missouri Baptist Laymen's Association (MBLA) needs to go away.

    Yet, this is hardly the time to change courses. MBLA continues to show and prove itself devoted to the Lord, Biblical inerrancy and the Missouri Baptist Convention. This past year has been especially difficult in a couple of significant areas.

    The first was the firing of the Executive Director David Clippard. Several issues of significance kept being raised over the past several years. The Executive Board showed itself ineffective in dealing with them. Some members were very gracious, trying to avoid trouble and dissension at all costs; others were being willfully ignorant, adopting the ostrich-with-its-head-in-the sand approach. Yet, in the end, this year's president (MBLA endorsed -- Mike Green) took action to get to the truth of various allegations. Those issues proved so substantial that even faithful Clippard supporters could do nothing other than vote for his removal. No one can say that Green's leadership was a mean-spirited hatchet job. His gracious, yet truth centered leadership demonstrates that the MBLA endorsement last year was helpful to Missouri Baptists. Others, who could have been elected president would have taken a different course and Missouri Baptists could still be ensnared with corrupt leadership.

    The second is the uncovering of the influence of the emerging church, particularly with its pro-alcohol behavior. MBLA director Roger Moran has been tireless in exposing the errors of this movement. Immediately after Moran expressed concerns about the emergent/emerging church on the national level, a new political group calling itself "Save Our Convenion" (SOC) was formed. Many of the key leaders of SOC have ties with the emerging church movement. So, an MBLA endorsement means we can be sure those leaders will be vigilant in protecting the MBC from the errors of that movement.

    Far from being over, the battle over inerrancy is just now entering into a stage of application. It's one thing to say you believe the Bible; its another to live out the Bible's commands. I'm thankful for the service of the MBLA in endorsing candidates. These are wonderful men who will serve us well.

    Let's give them our vote and our whole-hearted support!


John said...


I wanted to be sure you saw David Krueger's announcement on the Missouri Baptist list that MBLA didn't actually endorse these guys, and does not plan to do so. Apparently, there was some sort of misunderstanding somewhere along the way.

Just thought you'd like to know in case you don't get the message via the list.

Anonymous said...

MBLA is not helping. They can only exist as long as there is a fight. Therefore they fight. What good are they doing the church of Jesus Christ when all we see out of MBC are dog fights over the finer points of opinion?