Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A True Ban On Cloning

Today, officials of “Cures Without Cloning” a state-wide coalition of grassroots citizens and organizations have filed a petition with the Secretary of State to amend the Missouri constitution to prohibit the practice of human cloning. The chairman is Dr. Lori Buffa, a pediatrician from St. Peters, MO. She held a press conference that can be heard here.

Many Missourians are aware that Amendment 2, which passed last November by a slim majority (51%-49%), made cloning legal in Missouri. The amendment was a convoluted and tortuous 2,000+ word document. Now, Missourians have an opportunity to clearly weigh in. Do we want cloning enshrined and protected in our constitution?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this information. My organization is watching this issue closely and we linked to this post on our blog (see below). Check out our website and blog and see if we can't be a helpful source for you in the future. I hope we can. We'd also love any input you could provide from on the ground in MO.


Anonymous said...

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